The top Savor model, now available in a smaller frame for narrower faces, and with an extra category 1 lens in the box.

Extra Lens

Extra Lens Included

Red / Multilayer



Key Features

  • Cylindrical double lenses
  • Perfect helmet compatibility
  • Easy lens switch
  • Live Fit Frame

Cylindrical double lenses

The crystal-clear polycarbonate double lenses have a cool mirrored finish, plus an awesome field of vision both peripheral and up and down.

Perfect helmet compatibility

Special articulated outriggers help to position the goggle to provide a complete seal against the face.A silicone coating on the inside of the strap also keeps them in place.

Easy lens switch

Savors have a choice of lenses to fit your environment. You can also switch them in a few seconds thanks to the instant release keys.

Live Fit Frame

Flexible Y-Cuts and adaptive Tri-layer face foam mold to the contours of your face for an instant individual fit.



These new Atomic Savor³ S goggles offer the best of our progressive Savor range in a small fit for narrower faces. These goggles are particularly good for female skiers. Like all Savors they have a cool, oversized freeski look that gives you an awesome field of vision – not just peripheral but also up and down. They’re super comfortable thanks to Live Fit: flexible Y-Cuts and adaptive Tri-layer face foam that molds to the contours of your face for a instant individual fit. With a cool mirrored finish, their category 3, polycarbonate, cylindrical double lenses offer incredible clarity, and you get an extra category 1 low light lens included in the box.

Good to know

Frame Technology
The key to great fitting goggles is a great frame.

Lens Technology
Find out which lens suits your prefered weather conditions.