REVEL³ M Black / Polarized

Our top-end Revel with a polarized lens that prevents glare and makes skiing in bright light much better.

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REVEL³ M Black / Polarized

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REVEL³ M Black / Polarized

Atomic Revel³ M Polarized are our top-of-the-range anti-glare, all-mountain ski goggles. Their NXT optics lens filter out the reflections from rays hitting the lens at different angles. Importantly this includes reflected light off water and snow. With a medium-sized frame and Live Fit that follows the contours of your face, you also get a fantastic personal fit right out of the box. Articulated outriggers ensure all helmets frame them perfectly and the silicone-coated strap keeps them in place. All Revel lenses are 100% UVA/UVB resistant, anti-fog and scratch-resistant so you can switch easily between various available high-quality options. These polarized goggles make skiing in bright light much more comfortable and safe.

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