Top-end Savor experience with a smaller frame and category 2 lenses.

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Mid Red / Multilayer


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Our new Atomic Savor2 S goggles are super comfy, super cool and super value. Savor2 S goggles have a small fit for narrower faces but the same oversized freeski look that gives you an awesome field of vision – not just peripheral but also up and down. Live Fit makes them comfortable: flexible Y-Cuts and adaptive Tri-layer face foam molds to the contours of your face for an instant individual fit. With a cool mirrored finish, their category 2, polycarbonate, cylindrical double lenses offer incredible clarity, and there are several different options available to buy separately. They also feature outriggers so all helmets frame them perfectly, plus a silicone-coated strap to grip to your helmet and keep it in place.

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The key to great fitting goggles is a great frame.

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Find out which lens suits your prefered weather conditions.