Our precise and comfortable option with a smaller frame.

Extra Lens

Extra Lens Included

Mid Blue / Multilayer



Key Features

  • Perfect helmet compatibility
  • Live Fit Frame
  • Spherical Lenses
  • Easy Lens switch

Perfect helmet compatibility

Special articulated outriggers help to position the goggle to provide a complete seal against the face.A silicone coating on the inside of the strap also keeps them in place.

Live Fit Frame

Flexible Y-Cuts and adaptive Tri-layer face foam mold to the contours of your face for an instant individual fit.

Spherical Lenses

Class 1 optics with incredible clarity of vision. 100% UVA/B protection, anti-scratch, anti-fog and impact resistant.

Easy Lens switch

Revels have a choice of lenses to fit your environment. You can also switch them in a few seconds thanks to instant release keys.



With their precise, super-comfortable small fit, the Atomic Revel² S are excellent all-mountain ski goggles with peak visibility. The shape of the frame ensures an awesome field of vision, while the spherical, mirrored double lenses by ZEISS are scratch-resistant and anti-fog. Live Fit follows the contours of your face, creating a fantastic personal fit right out of the box, articulated outriggers ensure all helmets frame them perfectly and a silicone-coated strap grips your helmet to keep them in place. As all Revel lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, you can switch easily between the various high-grade options available and enjoy total clarity in all conditions.

Good to know

Frame Technology
The key to great fitting goggles is a great frame.

Lens Technology
Find out which lens suits your prefered weather conditions.