Our reliable entry-level helmets – made to protect and built to last.



Key Features

  • Passive venting
  • Size adjustment

Passive venting

The light and durable shell has a vent system built in for constant air flow.

Size adjustment

Savor helmets can be manually fine-tuned using a small dial at the back for an even more precise fit.



The Atomic Savor is our entry-level ski helmet, but still loaded with great features and a simple, clean look. The helmet features a seamless ABS shell that makes it light and comfortable, plus it comes with a special in-built ventilation system for a constant air flow over the whole of your head. It has a cozy full cap lining that’s all in one piece and size adjustment for a great fit whatever your head shape. And all this wrapped in a cool, freeski-inspired low-profile look. Great look, great price.

Good to know

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